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Tickets will go on sale to Season Ticket Holders first, and will then be available to the general public on February 1st

We have a fun weekend of events which highlight our Spring Radio Play:

The Great Gatsby!

The first Event is on Saturday, May 4th at 6pm-A Speakeasy Fundraiser for CPAC

Tickets to the fundraiser are $50 and include: Jazz, bites and booze. If you've been to our Club 99 events in the past, you know it's not to be missed!

The Second event is just a traditional reading of the Radio Play: The Great Gatsby, with tickets at $20, and $15 for students and senior citizens. Doors open at 1:30, show starts at 2PM​.

The Great Gatsby Radio Play

Directed by Patrick Kinyon


Paul Cowden as George Wilson

Greg Martin as Nick Carraway 

Tom Gibson as Jay Gatsby 

Joni McLeod as Daisy Buchanan 

Danielle Martinas Myrtle Wilson and Jordan Baker 

Dan Stryker as Tom Buchanan 

and Scott Spears as the Foley Artist

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