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Information about upcoming auditions

Auditions & Volunteering

The Cloverdale Performing Arts Center is an open and safe space for all ethnicities, genders, and experience levels to explore and experience a variety of art forms. CPAC thrives on and encourages community involvement, awareness, and inclusivity to bring quality productions and performances to the stage. From professional guest artists to student productions, all are welcome to enjoy the arts in a respectful manner in our wonderful little theatre.

CPAC holds general auditions once a year for all to share their talent with our team. The 2023 season generals were held on November 12th, but opportunities pop up all the time. Anyone interested in being in a show or helping out backstage should contact our Artistic Director, Robert Zelenka,

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center is looking for singers for their musical workshop production of an original show “Perfect World”.

Auditions are on Saturday, May 11, at 1:00pm at Cloverdale Performing Arts Center. 209 North Cloverdale Blvd. No appointment necessary.

All voice ranges are negotiable.

3 Females

3 Males

3- 6 Chorus Members

For your audition:

• Prepare ANY piece that shows your love and comfort with musical theater. There will be no accompanist, so feel free to bring a tape, your own accompanist, a guitar etc, or sing a capella.

• Ability to read music a plus. (At the performance, you'll have the book on stage: helpful with lyrics, but if you cannot read music you'll have your work cut out for you learning the tunes.)

• Ability to sing harmony a plus: the most impressive auditions will be in pairs singing harmony. Or, be ready to sing a round such as "Dona Nobis Pacem" or "By the Waters of Babylon." (This is not a deal killer.)

• While there will be no choreographed dancing, there may be swaying, gesturing, head bobbing, etc;, let your audition piece show that you are comfortable moving while singing.

• Bring your calendars and be ready in real time to tell us your dates of availability and unavailability.

• Bring your own water and other comfort items.

• If you wish to prepare a piece from the actual show (absolutely not necessary), in advance of auditions contact music director Carol Keig ( with PerfectWorld in the subject line).

The staged readings will take place at Cloverdale Performing Arts Center on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23, WITH book.

For more information, please email Robert Zelenka at:

If interested in performing in our One Act Play Festival, please reach out to Robert Zelenka.

If you’re not interested being onstage, but want to help behind the scenes, shoot Robert Zelenka an email at

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are what make the magic happen! We wouldn't be community theatre without our wonderful community! Even if you're new to the theatre world, we'd love to have you join our team!

CPAC regularly needs:


stage crew

 stage managers

 board operators


 costume help


marketing help

community outreach

If you're interested in joining our wonderful team of volunteers, please email



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