These People Make it Possible!


We greatly appreciate our donating members--each individual or group contribution makes a difference and allows us to continue to create and present quality programming and events throughout each year and hope to continue after the pandemic.  


Donor listings reflect accumulated monetary donations and in-trade exchanges received per donor within the previous accounting period--exclusive of ticketing and special events. 


   Thank you for your generous support!      



 Our website's donor listings correspond with posted listings in our printed programs which are updated when possible. 


This posting reflects donations received as of December 14, 2019.  


Basic Donating Member (Under $35)


Ross and Ellen Bliven

Lola and Ken Christensen

Edward and Marcia Dupere

Ellis Jeffrey Greenberg

Vicky Groom

Susan Hamric

Elisia Jorge

Shelby Kennedy

Ruthie and Tom Kurpinsky

Barbara Leblanc

Janet Line

Mary Lowman

Donald Mauser

Dixie Moore

Lisa Mulcahy

Virginia Neat

Douglas and Cheryl Newton

Steve and Mary Nienaber

John Pearson

Steven Shawgo

Thomas and Mary Sink

Karen Sipich

Dan Starjash

William Stokes

James Toboni

Valora Tree

Susan Verde

Jeff Warden

Brigid Wasson

Norman and Laurie Webb

David Williams

Susan Wunderlich


Friend Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($35 thru $49)


Lynette Chandler and Roger Lubeck

Theresa Mahoney

Caitlin Morrison

Carol Setterlund

Phyllis Weier

Gus And Cindy Wolter



Patron Donating Member or Business Sponsor  ($50 thru $99)

David and Karen Allan

Donna And Walt Arnstein

George Artemoff

Sharon and Roy Caporale

Loren and Bett Carlson

Allan And Cathy Carstensen

John and Nancy Clayton

Tim and Linda Clougherty

Terry and Jane Corcoran

Michael Coyle

Richard And Jean Craig

Irene and Patrick Dodd

Janet and David Domeniconi

Amanda Farrar

Bob and Sally Freelen

Patty Gallagher

Suzanne and Sean Geske

Cynthia Grant and Eric Neel

Marge and K.J. Howser

Carolyn Jansen

Irene Johnson

Chris and Sienna Johnston

Gary Keleher

Sharon Koch

Robert and Yvonne Koslowsky

Jonathan Kreger and Valerie Marder

Betty And Bonno Kroeze

Beverlee and Michael Laird

Brian Lee

Ronald Marley and Kathleen Torgerson

Augustus And Linda Materazzi

Barbara McGuinness and John Mingo

Yvonne Meyer

Marilyn Michelon

Harold and Stephanie Minkin

Arlene Moeller

Thomas and Dorothy Montoya

Violet Nelson

Gabby Newhart

Jim and Marilynn Novak

Darlene Peck

Darlene Prigmore

Tania Richardson

Steven Shawgo

Wyatt Shook

Albert Walker

Louise Young


Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians

Muddy Paws Dog Grooming

Arts Circle Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($100 thru $249)

Wayne and Carolyn Adkins

Mollie and Chad Asay

Kenneth Barham

Diane and Alan Bartleson

Midge Bast

Mitchell Benjamin

Ellen Boulanger

Jenness Brewer

Linda Chaffin

Raymond Clarke

Virginia and Bill Corzine

Paul Cowden

Marina Devoulin

Julie Dilley and Tom Foster

Joan Dunlap

Al and Jan Earsley

Alison Finch

Joseph Frankl and Pam Browning

Van Gerszewski

Stephen and Martha Glumaz

Mark and Alexandra Grandy

Dolph Green and Elvia Osnaya

Jeri Hastava

Constance Headrick

Joe and Georgine Johnson

Denise Keller

Anna Krueger

Glen Lajeski

Karen Lovato

Ann Mackenzie and Jack Cortright

Victoria Marugg

Lloyd and Mary Jane Mittelstadt

Tim Montesonti and Ken Barham

Debbie Morikawa

Lewis Nashner

Gary Nicholson

Lucy Ogden

Valerie Pallatroni

Bill and Diana Perkins

Michael and Janice Quilici

Zhdan Rudnyckyj and Jill Henry

Josephine Saylor

Dorinda and Richard Sherwin

Judith Skelton

Kay Staretz

Kirsten and Steve Tellez

Pamela Tinnin

Peter Tregoning

Art And Nan Trujillo

Peter and Kathy Turbott

Michael Tyers

Joseph Wiedman

Shelley and Sam Witten

Aqua Zen Spa

Bakery El Palomo

Bella Moda Hair Studio

Bolt Fabric & Home

Cloverdale Auto Parts

Cloverdale Automotive & Tire

Cloverdale Computer

Cloverdale Health Mart Pharmacy

Cloverdale Nursery

Cloverdale Reveille

Compass / Alain-Martin Pierret and Johnny Drake

Dahlia & Sage

Estate Retail Therapy

Fletcher Fabrication

Kevin J Garvin, DDS Family Dentistry

William F. Hoyer, Optometrist

J. Rickards Winery 

Le & Savko Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Management Connections

Richard Nicholls, DDS General Dentistry

Piacere Ristorante Italiano

Plank Coffee 

R Salon 

Sawmill Saloon & Creamery

Silverwood Ranch/Building

State Farm Insurance


Voss Signature Vintage

Wine Country Real Estate Network

Zini’s Diner


Director's Circle Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($250 thru $499)


Hale and Janice Allen

Meg Block and Clay Skelton

Phillip And Gail Collins

Tom Cordell and David Kelley

David and Candace Delgardo

Mary Jean Dellaquila

Sharon Gallagher

Judith Latchford

Ron and Christel Longo

Peter McAweeney and Tod Hill

Ron and Jane Pavelka

Roger And Ann Quintin

Sydney Sciaini

Paul and Celia Westlund

Ace Hardware

Alexander Valley Film Society

Alexander Valley Healthcare

All-Green Landscape Maintenance

Animal Hospital of Cloverdale

Asti Ranch

Barnes Lumber

Michelle Caspary CPA

City of Cloverdale

Cloverdale Cabinets

Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce

Cloverdale Citrus Fair

Cloverdale Wine Country Inn & Suites

The Finishing Touches

KO Studio

KS Tian Yuen Restaurant

Open Door Insurance

Papa’s Pizza

Thai Spice



Producer's Circle Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($500 thru $999)

Victor Aiuto and Calvin Chan

Joe and Sandy Dobbins

Rod Hammersley

Val And Neena Hanchett

Jeanne Miernyk

Judith R Nelson

Niranjana Parthasarathi and Dan FitzSimmons

Wayne and Cindy Schwartz

David Taber and Jennifer Weiss

Mark Thayer and Jean Herschede

Kay Wells

Cloverdale Delivers 

Law Offices of James DeMartini

Edward Jones, Dolph Green & Kristin Kurpinsky

Erin Mavis Clothing

Karma Dog Construction

Kelley & Young Vineyards

Kelley & Young Wine Garden Inn

Ken Knight, Realtor / Vanguard Properties

Mackenzie Design Studio

Maggie’s Dad Landscape Co

MKB Construction

Ron and Jane Pavelka, Compass

Railroad Station Bar & Grill


Star Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($1,000 thru $2,499)

George Abraham

Rob and Karen Davis

Ann Elston and Larry Lossing

Maeta Emmons

Amy Neel / The Neel Foundation

Mike and Dee Dee Robbins

Bruce and Kathy Walsh

Sponsor Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($2,500 thru $4,999)

Lynn and Bobbie Buxton

Geoff and Nancy Dalwin

Dobie Edmunds and Thomas King

Lee Hunt And Joan Meisel


Underwriter Donating Member or Business Sponsor  ($5,000 thru $9,999)

Kenneth and Elizabeth Allen

Jack Fitzsimmons and Walter Gendell

Bob Scott and Tim McDonald

Reuser Industrial Park



Angel Donating Member or Business Sponsor ($10,000 thru 19,999)



David McChesney



Thank you for your generous support!


Cloverdale Performing Arts Center




Board of Directors 


Jude Gibson, President  

David McChesney, Treasurer 


Robert Bauer

Mary Ann Brigham

Dobie Edmunds

Lee Hunt

Roger Quintin

Robert Rodriguez

Dan Stryker

Sandy Ziviani



Nichole Phillips

Artistic Director

Rey Guzman

House Manager


Consulting Advisors

Amy Lovato

Bob Scott


Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

The grants we receive from them allow us to advertise our productions in communities outside of Cloverdale and thereby bringing visitors to our theater and to Cloverdale businesses as well.  Thank you!