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These People Make it Possible!


We greatly appreciate our donating members--each individual or group contribution makes a difference and allows us to continue to create and present quality programming and events throughout each year and hope to continue after the pandemic.  


Donor listings reflect monetary donations and in-trade exchanges received per donor within the previous accounting period--exclusive of ticketing and special events. 


   Thank you for your generous support!      




ACE Hardware 
Preston Addison & Wendy Conner
Ann Boone
Pam Browning & Joe Frankl
BuildOut California 
Cardillo Family
Jean & Rich Craig
Susie Cummings
Andrew DeCaminada
Julie Dilley & Tom Foster
Janet and David Domeniconi
Al & Jan Earsley
Dobie Edmunds 
Suzanne Engelke
Marcia Flick
Susan Grossman
Morgan Hamilton Lee
Linda Harwood 
Lee Hunt & Joan Meisel
Debra Jack 
Cynthia Jansen
Dana Johnson
Sienna Johnston
Steve Kawa & Dan Henkle
Ruthie Kurpinsky
Ann Mackenzie/Jack Cortright
Management Connections
David & Donna McFetridge
Barbara Mcguinness
Joyce P. Mann
David McChesney
Lenore Messler and Sean Mayfield
Jeanne Miernyk
MoE’s Eagles Nest Deli
Lavonne and Jim Nameny
The Nashner-Flores Family
Adam Paulsen
Papa’s Pizza Café
Rosemary Q
Ann & Roger Quintin
Reuser Properties
Risk Press
Elaine Rock
Dee Dee Robbins 
Zhdan & Jill Rudnyckyj
Walker J. Rugino
Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
David Simms
Angela Squire
Ginny Stokes
Dan Stryker
Sweet T’s
Peter Tregoning
Wallace’s/Memory of Val Hanchett
Joseph Weidman & Eric Chamberlain
Michelle Whitsit
Mary Jo Winter

Our current board includes: Robert Bauer, Jude Gibson, Christopher Johnston, Amy Lovato, David McChesney, Anna Murphy, Adam Paulsen, Roger Quintin, Robert Rodriguez


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