These People Make it Possible!


We greatly appreciate our donating members--each individual or group contribution makes a difference and allows us to continue to create and present quality programming and events throughout each year and hope to continue after the pandemic.  


Donor listings reflect accumulated monetary donations and in-trade exchanges received per donor within the previous accounting period--exclusive of ticketing and special events. 


   Thank you for your generous support!      



 Our website's donor listings correspond with posted listings in our printed programs which are updated when possible. 


This posting reflects donations received in 2021 and 2022 

as of

August  25, 2022

Our next update will take place early 2023.  


Basic Donating Members ($35 and Under)

Marilyn Cannon
Phillip Engel
Lisa Frost
Irene Johnson
Darlene Peck
Nancy Tatch
Wendy Free
Claudio Calvo
Dyanne Celi
Kristin Cuneo



Friend Donating Member ($35-$49)

Joy Baker
Lynette Chandler and Roger Lubeck
Tony and Deborah Rust
Sandy Shelton
Judy Voigt
Cathy Shelton
Douglas Williams
Ann Mackenzie and Jack Cortright
Donna O’Shaughnessy



Patron Donating Member ($50-$99)

Tim and Linda Clougherty
Guy Conner
Al and Jan Earsley
Virginia Greenwald
Gina Haehl
Brad and Janet Horall
Judith Latchford
Joyce Mann
Regina Marchand
Jim and Marilynn Novak
Jennifer Stebner
Brianna Davis
Cynthia Gorton
Alexander Stefani
David Stevens
Mollie and Chad Asay
Rachel Rodrigues

Arts Circle Donating Member ($100-249)

Karlene Allbritton
Ann Boone
Mitchell Benjamin
Ellen Boulanger
Richard Denniston
Julie Dilley and Tom Foster
Michael Fanelli
Alison Finch
Carol Gavin
Kathryn Hecht
Marilyn Heinen
Sienna Johnston
Ken Knight
Mignon Moskowitz
Elaine Rock
Winifred Star
Dan Starjash
Mary Jo Winter
Deborah Doyle
Lewis Nashner
Tania Richardson
Frances Kruger
Stephen and Martha Glumaz
Patrick Johnston
Tiffany Hasker
Sharon Beckman


Director’s Circle Donating Member ($250-$499)

Ann Elston And Larry Lossing
Joseph Frankl and Pam Browning
Donald and Ann Hill
Charles Levine
Patty McHugh and Michael Velasquez
Jeanne Miernyk
Elaine Rock
Mark Thayer and Jean Herschede
Art and Nan Trujillo
Mary Jo Winter

Producer’s Circle Donating Member ($500-$999)

Jenness Brewer
Tom Cordell and David Kelley
Andrew DeCaminada
Joe and Sandy Dobbins
Dolph Green
Lisa Malloy
Dee Dee and Mike Robbins
David Taber
Cloverdale Wellness


Star Donating Member ($1,000-$2,499)

Randy and Diane DeCaminada
Jack Fitzsimmons and Walter Gendell
Lee Hunt And Joan Meisel
Michele Penirian Witterbottom



Sponsor Donating Member ($2,500-$4,999)

Dobie Edmunds



Underwriter Donating Member ($5,000-9,999)

Bob Scott and Tim McDonald



Angel Sponsor ($10,000+)

City of Cloverdale

Community Foundation Sonoma County and Charlie Palmer’s Pigs N Pinot Annual Celebration
David McChesney



Thank you for your generous support!



Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, Inc.




Board of Directors 


Amy Lovato, President


Jude Gibson, Treasurer 


Tania Richardson, Secretary


David McChesney


Robert Bauer


Mary Ann Brigham


Lee Hunt


Roger Quintin


Robert Rodriguez


Adam Paulsen


Sandy Ziviani







Robert Zelenka

Artistic Director



Nichole Phillips

Managing Director



Rey Guzman

House Manager





Consulting Advisors


Bob Scott


Ken Knight


With Special Gratitude

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

The grants we receive from them allow us to advertise our productions in communities outside of Cloverdale and thereby bringing visitors to our theater and to Cloverdale businesses as well.  Thank you!