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Built with community support and with the spirit and physical stamina of a barn-raising effort--Cloverdale Performing Arts Center enjoys bringing to the stage each year scores of productions and events in northern Sonoma County's wine country. 


Hard-working board members meet monthly to coordinate events, raise necessary funding, and manage staffing and creative components in an effort to present delightful experiences to local audiences.  Each theatrical play is underwritten by an amazingly generous group of local patrons, as well as by individual donations provided by citizens and local businesses. 


Additional promotional funding is supported by Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. 


Players, actors, directors, set makers, costume designers, and makeup teams work mostly for the love of the craft.  It takes a village, and this village comes together to bring the spark of live cultural enhancement far away from the bright lights of an urban setting. 


We hope you enjoy each experience inside this 99-seat venue which has been constructed and maintained lovingly for all who come together in the spirit of community--now, and for generations to come.


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During active event periods, our voice mail is monitored more frequently. 
Voice Mail Service: (707) 894-2214 - monitored within 24 hours.
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Event Booking

Nichole Phillips

Managing Director


Auditions/Volunteering/Show Information

Robert Zelenka

Artistic Director


Ticketing & Donating Inquiries

Amy Lovato

Board President


Facility Inquiries

Robert Bauer

Theatre Manager


Grange Rentals

Robert Rodriguez

Grange Manager


* * PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY - We request that our guests arrive early to be seated prior to performances. 

Late seating is not guaranteed.

In respect for our performers and audience members, please refrain from wearing excessive fragrances or talking. 


Photography of any kind is prohibited in the theater during performances.