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Cinema Seats


Thank you for supporting the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center! We would not survive without your generous support!


Whether you are joining us for a performance, donating from afar, or sharing our events with friends and family, every little bit helps!

Below you'll find different ways to help make CPAC thrive and continue bringing a variety of quality performances and events to the community of Cloverdale.

Amazon Wishlist

Want to help, but don't want to donate directly? Purchase something from our Amazon Wishlist that will help future performances!

Become a Donating Member!
We'd be very grateful to have your support!   Cloverdale Performing Arts Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and operates substantially by the generosity of our donors, sponsors and community.
Monetary donations over $35, whether from individuals, families, companies or organizations are listed as donating membership on our membership rosters in playbill program books--as well as listed on our roster online!*
Thank you for considering us in your donation planning.  We couldn't make all this happen without you! 


Sponsor an Event or Production


CPAC is constantly bringing new and exciting talent to the Cloverdale community, but we wouldn't be able to do it without the generous support of local donors and businesses who support the arts. Our events and production costs range from $1,000-$5,500, which covers talent, designers, board operators, and utilities. 


We are currently looking for sponsors for:

Misery $5,500

One Act Festival $3,000

Pride Musical Workshop $2,000

Youth Summer Camp & Production $500-20,000

The Great Gatsby Radio Play $1,500

Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening & Shadow Cast $1,500

Guest Artists $2,500

General Programming Sponsorships - Any Amount Helps!

All CPAC sponsors receive the following publicity by name:

  • on every CPAC event poster

  • in all emails related to the event to our hundreds of members

  • in multiple online media outlets and on every posting on a variety of social media outlets

  • in our playbill which is produced twice a year (provided funding occurs before printing)

  •  in advertising in the Cloverdale Connect & Happening in Sonoma County

  • CPAC sponsors are named and thanked in our announcement prior to every performance


In addition sponsors receive:

Producer’s Circle Donating Member $500 thru $2499

2 complimentary tickets to the sponsored performance


Sponsor Donating Member $2500 thru $4999

2 complimentary tickets to the sponsored performance

complimentary beverages at event


Underwriter Donating Member $5000 or more

4 complimentary tickets to the sponsored performance

2 season tickets to our plays

complimentary beverages

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