The history of Sonoma County is rooted in agriculture. From the earliest ranches, farms,
and vineyards of the 19th century to the current dominance of the wine and cannabis
industry, farmers have shaped our land and created our communities. “Voices of the
Soil” brings a diverse range of farmers, winemakers, and agronomists to the stage of
CPAC with stories of the triumphs and challenges of farming in a rapidly changing
economy and physical environment. Our storytelling program starts at 2:30 with a brief
intermission and documentary, followed by a social gathering in our lobby.


Suggested donation $10.

The event is free but your generous donation will help continue to bring stories
such as these to CPAC.

“Voices of the Soil will be held at Cloverdale Performing Arts Center  

209 N. Cloverdale Blvd.



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