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STEPHEN HOLLINGSHEAD is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and performer whose music can only be described as Rock-and-Roll.


Spanning not only sub-genres, but the decades; his unique, and magnetic style on stage has been a featured staple of CPAC Open Mic Nite shows for nearly ten years.


He is also the frontman, and main creative force behind the shoegaze-rock band Sheer Velvet.

Known for combining equally thoughtful yet ear-catching lyrics, and chord progressions, his songs invoke the original spirit where Rock-and-Roll was born.


While songwriting is his primary focus, Stephen has taken time in recent years to write scripts for the


stage and screen, including a full length musical called ‘Shine Like The Moon’.

*As well as upcoming works (hopefully) to be featured at CPAC within the year.*

From playing shows at local venues, and hosting open mic nites.


To impromptu gigs, at the drop of a hat.


Stephen is more overjoyed to bring his talents to CPAC for a full and eclectic evening of


Rock-and Roll.

Rex Collenette.jpeg

Rex - a bay area native currently living in Cloverdale. Rex settled down after needing a change of pace from the smells and corporate life of New York City. After college, he gave real estate, public relations, and copywriting all a try, but the only thing that would scratch his itch was music. 


Rex combines melody and percussive rhythm on his guitar, and has a love for poetry that keeps his lyrics coming from the heart. He has been swayed by the musical touch of artists like James Taylor, Hozier, Tommy Emmanuel, and of course, The Beatles.

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