The Billie Holiday Project, led by Stella Heath, celebrates the music of

Lady Day! Shrouded in mystery, as she was draped in furs, Billie was quintessentially

multi-faceted, possessing the sensitivity and ability to make the songs she sang as personal

as if she was singing them softly in your own very ear. Featuring some of the Bay Area’s

finest Jazz musicians, The Billie Holiday Project evokes the electric and intimate feeling of

experiencing Lady Day live in a 1930s Jazz Club. Drawing from some of Billie’s most

recorded tunes, the band also revives some of the earlier and lesser-known tunes that Billie

interpreted. In performance, interspersed with the music are stories of Billie’s life

and musical artistry. The Band features Stella Heath, invoking the vocal stylings of Billie Holiday; Neil Fontano, piano virtuoso from Sonoma County; Robby Elfman, rich and soulful

on tenor saxophone and clarinet; Trevor Kinsel, interchanging between upright bass and coronet.