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SonoMusette Returns to CPAC!

From her beginnings as a child singing on the streets of Paris to becoming an international star, Edith Piaf is undoubtedly the voice of French music. Much of Piaf’s music resonated with her own personal life as she specialized in Chanson and Torch Songs about love, loss, and sorrow. Lovingly known as “The Little Sparrow” Piaf ascended beyond the skies of Paris to World-Wide fame through timeless classics such as Padam, Milord, L’Accordéoniste, and La Vie En Rose.

SonoMusette, featuring native Parisian singer Mimi Pirard, transports us back to mid-1900s Paris through the evocative songs of Edith Piaf. This is the Paris that still lives for many of us in our memories… and in our imaginations. Mimi Pirard’s powerful and emotional interpretations of these classic songs provide a freshness and excitement that is faithful to the spirit and tradition of the original versions. The formidable musicians of SonoMusette weave musette accordion, piano, guitar, upright bass, and drums to create a musical tapestry for these enchanting songs and melodies. The concert will also feature a set of music made famous by other iconic French performers of the era. Close you eyes and be transported to the heart of Paris.

Mimi Pirard – vocals
Robert Lunceford – accordion
Jan Martinelli – upright bass & piano
Isaac Vandeveer – guitar & bass
Kendrick Freeman – drums

"What a great sound, what a true respect to Piaf's performance, what a superb

backup band...on s'y croirait!  Mimi and the gang of SonoMusette, you got it.”

Emmanuel GPS • host of  The French Touch • KWMR FM Radio

"Of the many interpreters of Piaf's repertoire and the French song tradition, to my mind (and ear), SonoMusette is one of the very best.”

Carolyn Burke • author of  No Regrets, The Life of Edith Piaf

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