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Joe Bartnick is a comic who has gone from performing in coffeeshops and bars to Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks. Joe can be seen doing standup on AXS-TVs Gotham Live, roasting Tommy Lee on A&E and acting on Playboy TVs King of Clubs.  Joe wrote the bestselling E- book “You Might Be a Douchebag”. He parlayed his love of hockey into the popular podcast Puck Off. He toured for years with Lisa Lampanelli and now frequently appears with Bill Burr who nicknamed him “The Rose Bowl Legend”. 

Joe can be seen on Netflix’s Bill Burr -Friends who Kill and in the upcoming Miramax movie Old Dads

All Things Comedy will be releasing his 1st comedy special titled “Bartnick” later this year.

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Alexia arrives on stage with one simple question, “For the love of God – can someone please tell us how to parent?” Alexia’s comedy looks at the state of humanity through the lens of procreation and the skill set of our collective parenting – or the lack thereof. As an intellect and modern mother of three twenty-something millennials, Alexia is here to laugh- or cry - at her mistakes and those of her parents while sharing the impossible, humbling journey of quite literally building human beings. She warns today’s would-be parents about the urgency of preparing their “inner game”:


      “There’s no app for parenting – you’re going to have to get your human on…well, there

              might be an app. I don’t know. BevMo, maybe. BevMo may help you…in your parenting.”


Dumbfounded by the fact that there is no sage advice as to the challenges of rearing children, nor are there organized parenting classes in which to learn about the stages of human development, Alexia has taken this on as her personal calling, evident in her response to the vacuous emotional comments posted by new parents on social media, as she puts hand to heart, “There’s always a picture of a baby in a little blanket. Caption reads, “‘No words’– hah, ok – I’ve got a few words for ya.”  Determined to save the next wave of humanity by exposing the unspoken truths inherent in parenting – she urges parents, especially mothers, to finally, “COME OUT – what the hell… everyone else has!” and tell the truth about parenting. As for young couples who are blithely thinking about having kids, she gently suggests, “…think about something else…” 


Above all, she wants those who take on this most daunting and undervalued world role – that of Parent - to feel validated in their efforts. While her work centers around mothers and balancing the playing field, her audiences are diverse and filled with anyone who can relate to raising a kid or being a kid. In her words, “There’s a lot at stake in parenting - from generation to generation - in a word, evolution.”


                                                 …Come Join In The Laughs!



 Mean Dave is a regular at Cobb’s Comedy Club, Punch Line in SF and Sacramento, Laughs Unlimited and Alameda Comedy Club and has shared the stage with Judy Tenuta, Big Jay Oakerson, Eddie Pepitone, Dan Soder, Jay Mohr, Allan Havey, Neil Hamburger, Dean Delray, Tom Rhodes and most importantly, Barry Sobel. Most of Dave’s life has been littered with utter disappointment and flat-out betrayal that only a sarcastic, cynical sense of humor can remedy. Hopefully this information helps you in your decision as to whether Mean Dave’s comedy will help you attain laughter as you progress through your futile existence. Many fans agree with this statement, “Mean Dave has made us laugh, cry, and cringe! He is honest and cynical, and such a sweet person.”

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