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All persons requesting Comp Tickets will need to submit the following to

  1. Name of the lead person on the ticket-coming to the show

  2. Email of the ticket holder

  3. Number of tickets requested (see below)

  4. Date & time of the show

  5. Relationship with the theater. ie: Guest Artist, Director, Sound Board Op, Sponsor, Cast, etc. 


Note: All Comp Tickets are subject to availability and requests must be submitted early. If requests are made the day of the show, they must go through the house manager:

Rey Guzman



Guest Artists: 

A total of four (4) Comp Tickets will be held for each incoming event. If more are required, they may be requested, but the amount is subject to availability and negotiated contract. 


Theatrical Productions:

Two-weekend show with a cast of 5 or less: Four (4) Comp Tickets per artist/volunteer 

Shows with a cast of more than 5: Two (2) Comp Tickets will be allotted.

Event Sponsors: 

Theatrical Sponsor ($5k or more): Each receive four (4) Comps and may request more. All requests are subject to availability.


Guest Artist/Event Sponsor (Under $5k): Two (2) Comp Tickets each.


Due to our limited performances, we no longer give comp tickets to the press.

Board Members: 

Board Members may request Comp Tickets for community members if a show is undersold. Board Members need only fill out numbers 1-4 of the ticketing information when submitting a request.

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